Group project: Nell Bennett, Yea Won Choi, Guillaume Couche, Oluwaseyi Sosanya.

The 3D-Painter is a concept project which came out of a brief to develop a disruptive product for the domestic printing market.

Looking past the standard home printer, we looked to the 3D printing trend for inspiration to develop a truly futuristic printing experience. We wanted to develop a device that could accurately paint your 3D printed creations. In the near future a user will have the option of painting  any 3D object with the same resolution as a 2d printer achieving the precision only a 3D painter can give you.

The user interface works in two steps. By placing an object on the platform and pressing “scan” the system deceive will first scan the user’s object and product a 3D file. Then, with the custom software and a Photoshop plugin, the user can select what colors and elements they would like to be painted on the object by pressing “print” and letting the device do its work.