Gravity Sketch
IDE at RCA, Work / March 29, 2014

From October to December I was able to work with three of my closest classmates on our group project Gravity. We haven’t been able to talk about it too much as we came across a great innovation in the way we can create 3D content. however we have successfully filed a patent and now can disclose our work to the world!

The project started with a strong belief: the tools that are commonly used for drawing, designing and making in 3D have a heavy influence on the output of the initial idea the creator set out to bring to life.

Designers, architects, sculptors and other creative use a variety of different techniques and tools to breath life into their ideas and transform a concept into a physical object. In the early stages of this process, many creatives rely on an pen and paper to create a series of two dimensional interpretations of their three dimensional ideas. When it came to developing these 2D representations into 3D, the digital tools we use today often have a noticeable weight on the design and end result.

Gravity is tool composed of a pen and pad specifically designed for sketching in an augmented environment accompanied by augmented reality glasses. Free from any screen, Gravity allows you to focus on developing your ideas in an intuitive way.

As you start to draw, objects take shape in front of you. Through the landing pad controls, you can adjust the plane in which you sketch, giving volume to your creation. Gravity reinvents how you and your collaborators visualize and contribute to each other’s ideas. Gravity is a simple and engaging tool that will shape a new wave of 3D creation.

UTSTICKARPRISET 2013, Ceremony Stockholm
Daily, Work / December 13, 2013

Rodrigo, Ding, and I were invited to the UTSTICKARPRISET ceremony in Stockholm to prudent the Polarbrod trophy to the award winner Ellen Macarthur.


Polarbrod Owners


Centerpiece for the Lexus Design Award 2014
Projects / October 28, 2013

Sabina Weiss, Zuzanna Weiss, and I entered Centerpiece, our collaborative project, in the 2014 Lexus Design Award through Designboom. It was great working together and I am sure there will be more collaborations to come.


Floe Version 2.0 at Tate Modern
Projects / July 14, 2013

Floe was selected for QEPrize Showcase for Modern Engineering at the Tate Modern. The QEPrize celebrates and promotes engineering achievements from bridges to broadband and from fashion to fusion. As part of that mission the Engineering Party showcases the wonders of modern engineering.

“…Finally, we have included installations such as ‘Floe’ that appear more whimsical and poetic, and yet in capturing the beauty and complexity of the world they may have within them the potential to influence and improve life in future.”


Relaunch of Sophia ID
Work / April 27, 2013

Sophia Arches at HBB

I am working on a wonderful little arch installation for the Sophia id relaunch atHBB Studio.

We make a little arch for each of Sophia’s projects of the scrap material after the project is completed.

Customized track for wheel chair racers
IDE at RCA / March 22, 2013

I am looking at how to reinvent the race track? Wheel chair racers race on the same track as able body racers yet they race on wheels. Customization to the track could create a more dynamic race.

Specs for an installation we are working on.

Track specs

Packing only the essentials
Daily / March 1, 2013

In preparation for a month long project in Australia I had to make sure to bring the essentials.

I will be working on a project with Paralympic athletes to look for new innovative ways to improve equipment and sporting facilities.

Travel essentials

Cork is an incredible material!
Projects / February 8, 2013

I just started a collaboration with Lida Marinkova who focuses on mix media and material exploration. The brief was sent through to us by the world’s largest manufacturer of cork products, Corticeira Amorim. With a brief title ‘I am 7 billion’ things should get interesting.

Amorim Cork Project

Strandbeest Toy
Projects / February 6, 2013

Got my hands on a Theo Jansen Strandbeest toy Produced by Japan’s publisher, GAKKEN, in “Otona no Kagaku”

Arduino bran new out of the box
Daily, IDE at RCA / February 1, 2013

This is the first time I have been given a bran new out of the box Arduino, I was really happy with the packaging and branding. I usually get someones discarded unit and work with it then give it back but getting one fresh out the box is quite nice!

I am working on a small project to help raise funds to bring programing and innovation workshops to schools in West Africa. The Arduino is such a great place to start for many young creatives interested in interaction design.

Bran new Arduino Out the box